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This site introduces "New Rife Remedy Therapy" methodology.


From the 20th.century, Frequency therapy was invented by Royal Raymod Rife.
Sometimes, we see this therapy might be working, but not stable. Therefore, there are many rumors, superstitons and discussion.
You can find many opinions on other Rife Frequency related sites.
Someone says "I find the secret of Rife Frequency therapy." But we cannot find any effects.

Original Rife frequency therapy machine are sold anywhere.
You might bought those ones and tried. Then what did you feel ?

Further more, most of all countries have authorization systems for medical equipments.

Rife energize devices are not allowed. Reason is simple. It is hard to show rational of Rife Frequency Therapy.

In case of Japan, these devices get approval as "Low Frequency Treatment Device". It is one of the acting deceiving the goverment.

Long time, I also could not believe effects of Rife Frequency Therapy.

Hoshi Effects

Mr. Hideyuki Hoshi runs an osteopathic treatment "Takatoku Therapy Center" in Nikko where is a famous for Yomeimon.
"Osteopathy" is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes physical manipulation of the body's muscle tissue and bones.
In 1874, Andrew Taylor Still MD DO (1828-1917), a medical doctor living on the Missouri frontier, discovered the significance of living anatomy in health and disease.
Dr. Still realized that optimal health is possible only when all of the tissues and cells of the body function together in harmonious motion.
By this theory, Osteopthy physician places his or her hands upon the patient, structural dynamics are perceived, and can detect the patient’s presenting complaint and trauma history.(by https://cranialacademy.org/)

In short, Hideyuki can detect the effect of treatments. This is great skill.

In 2016, Hideyuki Hoshi made a great discovery.

He put a small bottle filled in water on a coil connected to a frequency generator.
And he gave some Rife therapy frequency list to bottle.
This treatmented water releaved tension and pain from clients.
He noticed by his othteopathic skills.
Treatmented water keeps frequency infomation.
We call this phenomena as "Hoshi Effect"

This is not a completely new discovery.
Similar phenomenon has been reported in the past in fragments.
"Information water" idea was explained in Homeopty, Flower Essence and Radionics area.
However, this is great finding in the "Rife Frequency Therapy" area.

This method does not need electric current passing through the human body, safety.

For practical use

At 2016, "Hoshi Effect" had two problems for public use.
One is that making water bottle need too much time.
By Hoshi measurement, bottle takes 20 minutes to store one frequency infomation.
As you know Rife therapy has frequency list.
Such as; vian Influenza: 0.17, 0.24, 0.75, 0.97, 5.62, 30.00, 62.50, 93.50, 150.00, 872.00 (KHz)

THis list has 10 frequencies. If each frequency needs 20 minutes. 20 x 10 = 200 min.(3hour+20minutes). Too long !!!

This problem is resoleve by using scalar coil. Scalar coil can "write" frequency information into water.
By this technology, water in bottle(we call "Remedy") just only needs 14 seconds x 10 = 140 seconds.(2 minutes 20 seconds)

And frequency list is processed automatically. This picture shows the most current "Remedy Maker". This device has PC and Frequency generator with scalar coil. PC program generate frequency request, the generator generate frequency using AD9833 (programmable DDS unit).

(from WikiPedia)

Other problem is that how to detect client's change.

This is a big question.
For example, many of all homeopaths cannot detect client change.
Then they have no choice but to hear client's opinions.
Unfortunatly, The client's subjective symptoms do not represent the true cause of the client's upset.
Excelent and rich experience healer listen to client body itself.

If you have never seen better method to get client symptoms, Applied kinesiology is better way.
You can find good getting started books on Amazon.

From March on 2017, "New Rife Frequency Therapy" school has started for experienced healers.

In 2020, there are over 200 healers. Now 'Hoshi's Effect can move from a treatment center to many helaer's centers.
This methodology is so called 'New Rife Remedy Therapy'. Each bottle is called as 'Remedy' like Homeopathy but original is come from Rife frequency list.

How to make 'New Rife Remedy'

You can get frequency list book at ETDFL.
Some frequency list is useful, some frequency list does not work by just our expereiences.
Maybe depending on how to use. This list is valuable and updated every year ! Great work.

Before starting device discussion, you must have any avility to check client reaction.
Please keep in mind that your subjective symptoms does not show you the result of Remedy effect.

Please remind that this remedy therapy is used by over 200 skilled professional altenative medicine healers over 5 years.

In this section, I will show you how to make remedy.

I think that showing device development by historical order will bring better understandings.

First Version

This is made by Frequency Generator and Scalar Coil.
Most of all Rife frequency is under 5MHz. Then you need to have function generator which can generate up to 5MHz.
Output voltage should be TTL level (5V), then you don't need to have amplifier.
By our investigation, square wave is fine for making remedy not SINE wave.
You can find this type of devices on Alilexpress or Ebay.

There is a switch between the coil and the generator. This function generator does not have Output Cut Off switch.
When you change frequency, you need to cut off output.

And (it is hard to find) 100 ohm registance is set for preventing huge current.

Scalar Coil

Scalar coil generates scalar wave.
Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other.

Specifically, you prepare 3m enamel wire. You fold it in half and wrap around the bobbin. This picture bobbin diameter is 40mm.

Creation Order is as follow; (ex: making "vian Influenza" remedy)

  1. 1. Set bottle with water into the scalar coil.
  2. 2. Set 0.17KHz
  3. 3. Output Switch ON
  4. 4. Wait 14 seconds
  5. 5. Output Switch Off
  6. 6. Set 0.24KHz
  7. 7. Output Switch ON
  8. 8. Wait 14 seconds
  9. 9. Output Switch Off
  10. 10. Set 0.75KHz
  11. 11. Output Switch ON
  12. 12. Wait 14 seconds
  13. 13. Output Switch Off
  14. 14. Set 0.97KHz
  15. 15. Output Switch ON
  16. 16. Wait 14 seconds
  17. 17. Output Switch Off
  18. 18. Set 5.62KHz
  19. 19. Output Switch ON
  20. 20. Wait 14 seconds
  21. 21. Output Switch Off
  22. 22. Set 30.00KHz
  23. 23. Output Switch ON
  24. 24. Wait 14 seconds
  25. 25. Output Switch Off
  26. 26. Set 62.50KHz
  27. 27. Output Switch ON
  28. 28. Wait 14 seconds
  29. 29. Output Switch Off
  30. 30. Set 93.50KHz
  31. 31. Output Switch ON
  32. 32. Wait 14 seconds
  33. 33. Output Switch Off
  34. 34. Set 150.00KHz
  35. 35. Output Switch ON
  36. 36. Wait 14 seconds
  37. 37. Output Switch Off
  38. 38. Set 872.00KHz
  39. 39. Output Switch ON
  40. 40. Wait 14 seconds
  41. 41. Output Switch Off

In this version, making remedy needs patience. Then we made second version.

Second version

Second version is like this picture.

This system is made by PC, AG-051F by OWON and scalar coil.
The main improvement point si automatic process. User can choose Remedy by name and creation process is automatically.

Why I choose AG-051F is SCPI function. SCPI(Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol is developped by HP( -> Agilent -> Keysight).
You can manage the function generator from PC. I guess other models are OK, but I just only tested on AG-051F.

The software and major Rife frequency list is put on Github (https://github.com/ttakao/newriferemedymaker)

Third version

This device is the most current device. OWON AD-051F is heavy and import time is long.
We make new model. This model is using Arduino Pro/mini and DDS AD9833 module.
Control Software is re-written from the scratch. Programming language is Visual Basic and Access DB.
It's very handy, but many users still love second version.

How to Use

Assuming you have already prepared many bottles. You place bottles on the body having some bottles.
DO NOT drink the water.
If you have mustle pain, you place 'Inosine, Leucine, repair mustle and Recover Nerve System' in front of the mustle.

This is a simple case, if you have complicated case such as 'Back Pain'.
You need to find true case by using some cure methodology, such as Applied kinesiology, chiropractic, Osteopathy.
This 'New Rife Remedy Therapy' is not a simple healing method. This is one of the curing method for professional.


Here, we show you some results of this therapy.

case 1

Age 47, Man: Half year ago, he hurt his neck during excercise.
He visited Orthopedic surgery, other altenative medicine.
His condition went to good, but from two weeks ago, he cannot trerate his pain.

He came to my clinic

By my investigation, Cervical spine has problem. I made him prone position.
He did not feel pain, but I asked to take supine position. He felt pain again.
I asked him to take lateral position and looked for adequate 'Remedy'. The result was 'Hunter virus'

I put that bottle on his neck, pain was released.

case 2

Age 54, Femail: long time she has stiff shoulders. And also has hay fever.

I have already tried 'Anaphylaxis' and 'Rhinitis', they gave her good result.
This time, I tried 'hysteria' on her Left temporal lobe. Just after applied, left nose went through.

And she said nee condition was bad. I found two remedy is required 'Vocal cords' and 'Breast cancer'.
I placed these remedies on Left hip bone, her nee condition went well.

case 3

Rota infection was cured. By my investigation, "pain" in the abdomen, "Intermittent claudication" in the mediastinum
and "Headache" on the frontal region.Once his headach and malaise wer released.
But I checked again I should apply "Cystitis" and "slow virus" on the left side of his head and his hypochondrium.
Then abdomen area was released.

*His "investigation" means "listning on Osteopathy".

Reference video (Japanese. I will add sub-title.).


05/16/2021First release.

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